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Social fund

Students experiencing financial hardship can receive financial support from the Studentenwerk welfare fund. The welfare fund is financed by the student-services payment that forms part of the semester fee paid by all students. The welfare fund is primarily aimed at assisting students who are not eligible for benefits in accordance with the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (BAFöG).


Loans can be provided to those studying for their first degree who have already completed two semesters. As a rule, repayment by instalments commences in the seventh month after ending the degree course. Support for postgraduate studies is only provided if it is a short course of study. A student may receive no more than one loan. Loans are generally awarded for a maximum of four months only, though exceptions can be made. A guarantor is normally required in order for a loan to be made. In exceptional circumstances, grants can also be awarded if a student has incurred medical costs that are not borne by a health insurance fund.


Students do not have automatic legal entitlement to receive financial assistance from the welfare fund. All benefits provided are discretionary. Loan applications are decided by the management of the Studentenwerk.

Further details concerning application requirements, award conditions and areas of responsibility can be found in the Studentenwerk award regulations - see our download page for details.

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