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Blood Protein Based Biomarkers Development

Kategorie Jobs / Angebot

Erstellt 24.11.2021

Eintrag gültig bis 30.12.2021

Job Vacancy



Research Topic: Human Blood Protein Based Biomarkers Development for Reliable Assessment of Anthropogenic Particles induced Oxidative Stress on Human Health

The main objective of this research is to assess PM2.5 as a model anthropogenic particle and its toxic components induced oxidative damage on human health qualitatively and quantitatively. Since PM2.5 can cause severe toxicological damage on human health based on their strong oxidation potential. For the purpose it is mandatory to derive appropriate sensitive & reliable biomarkers among human blood proteins for assessing PM2.5 induced oxidative stress on human health rapidly. Oxidative stress is a critical intermediator in severe morbidity associated with PM2.5 exposure based on excessive production of free radicals or failure of antioxidant defense. Reliable and rapid assessment methodologies for negative impact estimation of PM2.5 induced oxidative stress and its consequential damage on antioxidant defense in humans should be developed. Specific components in PM2.5 resulting in antioxidants dysfunction & redox imbalance in humans will be identified to predict their corresponding morbidity effects as well in this work. Human serum albumin (HSA) is a major antioxidant protein in the blood circulation, and the redox status of its thiol (SH) group plays a crucial role in redox regulation, which exhibits a possibility to reveal the oxidative stress accurately and therefore can indicate PM2.5 induced oxidative stress reliably. The oxidation level of HSA will be investigated as a potential biomarker of oxidative stress based on PM2.5 induced protein oxidation via optimum HPLC-MS approach.


The Major: Biology, Biochemistry (HPLC-MS Analytical Experience in Bio-Lab preferred, Fluent English necessary)


Vacancy Position: PhD Candidate, Research Assistant (available since Jan. 2022)


Contact Information:

Ph.D. Ryu, Bo Hyun

Senior Researcher

KIST Europe

Universitaet des Saarlandes Campus E71

66123 Saarbruecken, Germany

Tel: +49-(0)681/9382-331

E-mail: bohyun.ryu@kist-europe.de