About us

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The administrative and executive bodies of the Studentenwerk are the general meeting of members, the supervisory board and the executive board.

In addition to other duties, the general meeting of members is responsible for the content of the articles of association, for discharging the executive board, and for appointing some of the members of the supervisory board.

The main duties of the supervisory board include appointing members of the executive board, and verifying and approving budgets and the annual accounts. In addition, the supervisory board monitors and scrutinizes the management of the Studentenwerk.


The Studentenwerk is controlled and its affairs managed by the executive board. The executive board is supported in its duties by a fulltime managing director. Current members of the executive board are:


Prof. Dr. Heinz Kußmaul
Email: kussmaul@bli.uni-saarland.de

Deputy Chair:
Melanie Manusch
Email: studienqualitaet@asta.uni-saarland.de

Vice-president Martina Petermann
Email: vp-verwaltung@uni-saarland.de


Dr. Kurt W. Becker
Email: kurt.w.becker@uks.eu


Filip Slavchev

Email: filip.slavchev@mail.com


Norbert Lang
Email: norbert.lang1@mail.com


Students are represented in all administrative and executive bodies of the Studentenwerk.