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bridging aid for students

Corona pandemic: bridging aid for students in financial emergency situations
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is again helping students who are demonstrably in a financial or economic emergency situation owing to the corona pandemic, paid out via the student service organisations – the Studierenden- or Studentenwerk (STW).


The application is again made via the nationwide, established platform www.ueberbrueckungshilfe-studierende.de 


Attention: So that your application can be processed more quickly, please read the new guidelines! 


Pleasenote the information on providing evidence of a pandemic-related emergency (self-declaration).

The documents should come from the two months prior to the application.

Important: You can`t use your arguments from the spring application 1:1 for the new one.


You can find helpful FAQs here: https://www.bmbf.de/de/wissenswertes-zur-ueberbrueckungshilfe-fuer-studierende-11509.html or at www.studentenwerke.de/de/content/ueberbrueckungshilfe-fuer-studierende 


Processing break over the holidays  (December 23,2020 until January 4,2021)

Applications will be processed until shortly before Christmas Eve 2020 and then again from the beginning of January 2021. 


BMBF Bridging Aid Hotline: Tel.: 0800 26 23 003

Email: ueberbrueckungshilfe-studierende@bmbf.bund.de