Counselling Service

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General information



Studying successfully at university is often a reflection of how well your skills and personality match the requirements of the academic programme you are enrolled in. To help you apply your skills as effectively as possible and to develop others that you may need, the PPB offers workshops covering areas that have been repeatedly identified as problematic for students seeking our assistance.


The workshops typically last for six to eight sessions (two study hours per session) with no more than eight participants per workshop.


After registering for a workshop at the PPB main office, you will be sent confirmation of registration and either an invitation to attend the first session or an offer to reserve a place for the next workshop if the present workshop is already fully booked.


If you are unsure whether a workshop is suitable for you, please arrange to discuss this with a member of the PPB team so that we can determine the best solution for your current situation.


All the workshops will take place online.