Counselling Service

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From the 8th of June onwards the PPB will again offer counselling in person. Since we still have to be careful with the health of our clients and the staff and therefore need to limit the rooms, counselling in person will only be available on a smaller scale.

We are still offering counselling via phone and via videocalls. 

If you are already a client at the PPB: Please talk to your psychologist in order to decide how you want to procede further.

If you are not yet a client at the PPB: Please contact our secretary´s office to arrange a first appointment in person or via phone or videocall. 



Since personal meetings still bear an infection risk we want to ask you to follow some rules. These are for your own safety and the safety of others.

1) Follow the commonly known hygiene regulations.

2) Do not come to the PPB when you have any signs of being sick.

3) Do not come to the PPB when you had contact with a person who has or had COVID-19 or someone who was or is a suspected case of having COVID-19.

4) Please be on time for your appointment. You will be picked up at the door (Please do not ring the bell!).

5) At the moment there will be no handshakes.

6) Please wear a medical face mask when entering the rooms of the PPB.

7) Please disinfect your hands with the disinfectant provided in the lobby.

8) Wear your face mask in all of the rooms. You have to wear the face mask also during the counselling session.

9) Please keep the minimum distance to others.

10) Please leave the building in a timely manner after your counselling in order to avoid unnecessary contact with others.

We are taking care of the minimum distance during the counselling and try to provide a good ventilation in the rooms. If you should have to cancel an appointment due to sickness, it might be possible to arrange a phone appointment as a replacement.


open consultation hour via telephone: 0681 / 302-2515

We offer an open consultation hour via telephone. You can talk to a psychologist directly without an appointment. The further process will be individually discussed with you. In case you cannot reach us you can also write us an email and we will offer you an alternative appointment via telephone.

The open consultation hour via telephone is every monday 12.00 - 1.00 o’clock.




phone: 0681 / 302-2515

e-mail: ppb@studentenwerk-saarland.de