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How to cope with daily struggles

Everyday life is associated with many challenges, especially for people who are new and / or foreign to a country. In addition to that, the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic poses particular difficulties for all of us. Maybe you have lost your student job, maybe you feel lonely, maybe you are worried about the future…

In this workshop we want to offer a platform where you can share with others your experiences, not only the daily difficulties and struggles but also the possible and / or experienced coping of that. Maybe you can even benefit from your daily struggles together with others…

If you feel addressed and want to exchange experiences and ideas with others, don‘t hesitate to join us in this workshop. It will be held in English, so we can welcome to join every student. We want to start with one session and see how it goes so that we can decide together on the frequency and duration of the sessions.


Start: will start as soon as there are enough participants

Host: Serkan Sertkaya (psychologist)



This offer is part of the project fit4more - healthy studying.

More information about the project and the planned health certificate can be found on the project website.