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How to deal with Covid-19

The actual situation with the Covid-19 pandemia brings its struggles for all of us. In this workshop we want to share our experiences, struggles or chances of the current situation and maybe learn from each other. Where can we maybe even benefit from the current situation, where might it even be easier, but what are also the big problems we suffer from. Did you loose your student job, do you feel lonely, do you struggle with getting information about the current situation, are you worried about the future or do you now get things done that you always wanted to do....

If one of these questions turns around in your head, don‘t hesitate to join us in this workshop. It  will be held in English but Germans are also more than welcome to join. We will start with one session and see how it goes and if we want to continue with this exchange…


date: tuesdays, 17.11.2020 and 24.11.2020

time: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

psychologist: Ann-Christin Görgen